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Waffle Cone Making Machine Sold To Italy

waffle cone machine for sale

An Italian customer purchased the 15-head waffle cone making machine recommended by us. Since the machine has been running stably, it has significantly improved production efficiency, ensured product quality consistency, and brought considerable benefits to the factory.

Italian customer profile and needs

The client operates a factory in Italy that supplies waffles and waffle cones to local supermarkets and dessert shops. He saw the introduction video of our waffle cone making machine on a social media platform. He just wanted to expand his business and purchase a waffle cone machine, so he consulted us.

9 heads waffle cone making machine
9 heads waffle cone making machine

Perfect waffle cone making machine solution

Our sales manager recommended the waffle cone making machine based on the size of his business. The machine includes heating equipment and shaping machines. Each baking host of the 15-head waffle cone making machine can work independently, and the production efficiency is very high.

This customer is very satisfied with the machine’s efficient production capabilities. The waffle cone machine can produce 500 cones per hour, which fully meets their large-scale production needs. In addition, the machine is capable of making cones of different sizes, and the molds can be customized.

batter mixing machine
batter mixing machine

The waffle cone machine is easy to operate, and the customer’s employees can operate it after simple training, which greatly reduces labor costs and training difficulty. The compact design occupies a small area and has a quick return on investment, allowing customers to quickly recover costs and start making profits.

Positive feedback on usage results

By using this waffle cone making machine, the customer not only improves production efficiency and ensures consistent product quality, but can also flexibly adjust product specifications according to market demand, increasing competitiveness. The client is very satisfied and plans to continue working with us as we further expand our business in the future.

2 rolls forming machine
2 rolls forming machine

This case demonstrates how our waffle cone making machines can help customers increase production capacity, reduce costs, and adapt to market demand. It also reflects our commitment to providing customers with high-quality equipment and services.