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300pcs/h wafer cup cone machine shipped to Sri Lanka

commercial ice cream cone making machine

The cool ice cream with sweet wafer cup cones is our favorite food in summer. And there are many types of ice cream cones to choose from. Ice cream cone processing has now entered the stage of industrial production, and many ice cream processing plants will consider wafer cup cones processing business. Recently, our factory exported a wafer cup cone machine with an output of 300pcs/h to Sri Lanka.

Wafer cup cone making machine’s features

The automatic wafer cone machine is mainly used to make edible cones for ice cream. The wafer cone cup machine can pour the batter quantitatively onto the baking mold, bake it into a cake shape, and then automatically roll it into a tube shape by the rolling mold. The ice cream cone made by this machine is crisp and refreshing, which is the ideal equipment for making ice cream cones.

production effect of the wafer ice cream cone machines
production effect of the wafer ice cream cone machines

The size range of finished products that can be made by the wafer cup cone machine:

  1. Minimum size: 3.8 cm in diameter, 9 cm in length.
  2. Regular size: diameter is 42-48 mm, the length is 100-125 mm. The diameter is 38-44 mm and the length is 110-125 mm.
  3. Remarks: In addition to the above dimensions, our factory can also customize molds according to users’ special needs.

How is the wafer cup cone machine price in Sri Lanka?

In fact, the ice cream cone processing machine in our factory is very popular in tropical countries and countries with well-developed tourism industry, because these countries have a large demand for ice cream, and accordingly, the demand for wafer cones is also very large.

The commercial ice cream cone making machine of our factory has been exported to Sri Lanka many times because of the preferential price. Generally small and medium ice cream processors, food processors, fast food restaurants, restaurants, etc. will choose our ice cream cone processing equipment.

semi-automatic cake cone machine with different models
semi-automatic cake cone machine with different models

The price of wafer cup cone machine in our factory is consistent with its average market price, so it is more popular in the market.

Details of Sri Lanka ice cream cone machine

The Sri Lankan customer who bought our ice cream cone this time is also engaged in the ice cream processing business. He and his brother have been running a small ice cream shop for 3 years.

This customer used a small baking machine to process ice cream cones. The processing efficiency was very low and it needed to hire 2-3 workers to produce it.

In order to reduce labor costs and improve the production efficiency of ice cream cones, the customer finally decided to purchase a commercial wafer cone machine with a capacity of 300pcs/h.