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Gas-heating wafer ice cream cone machine exported to Argentina

semi-automatic wafer cone maker for shipping to Argentina

Our wafer ice cream cone machines are sold all over the world, especially America and European countries. Recently, we exported a semi-automatic wafer cone machine to Argentina with an output of 1000pcs/h. And its heating method is gas heating, which can save costs more than electric heating.

Features of Taizy semi-automatic wafer ice cream cone machine

There are many models of semi-automatic wafer cone machines designed and manufactured by our factory, and the output of each model is different from the specifications of the produced cones.

However, the mold of our cake cone machine can be customized, so no matter what current wafer cone the customer needs, our machine can process it. Its output range is between 50pcs/h and 1800pcs/h. In addition, our semi-automatic wafer ice cream cone machine can be heated by electric heating and gas heating.

Argentina customer requirements for wafer cones
Argentina customer requirements for wafer cones

Argentina customer’s requirements of wafer cone size

Before contacting us, the Argentine customer had carefully investigated the local market demand and decided on the type and size of ice cream cones he wanted to make.

The customer has reached an initial cooperation vision with a local ice cream factory and plans to provide corresponding ice cream cones to the ice cream factory on a regular basis.

The Argentine client mainly wanted to make wafer ice cream cones with a diameter of 4 cm and a length of 12 cm. In addition, the customer also wants us to recommend a gas-heated ice cream cone machine for him.

Subsequently, we further communicated with the customer about the output of the ice cream cone machine, the number of molds, the payment method, and the wafer cone processing formula.

We also sent the customer a detailed working video and specific operation methods. The Argentine customer was very satisfied, so he quickly agreed to the purchase plan we provided. In the end, the customer purchased a semi-automatic gas-heated wafer ice cream cone machine.