How are the ice cream cones processed and applied?

crisp waffle cones made by ice cream cone machine

Ice creams that are common in life are generally sold in egg cones. So how is the ice cream cone made? Where can ice cream cones be used? In fact, a commercial ice cream cone machine can basically meet the needs of small and medium-sized cold drink shops.

Main features of the commercial ice cream cone machine

The ice cream cone making machine uses flour as raw material to produce beautiful edible puffed egg cups, which is an ideal processing equipment for ice cream or other similar food containers.

commercial ice cream cone maker details
commercial ice cream cone maker details

The mold of this commercial ice cream cone machine can be replaced and can be used with various cone molds. The design of this ice cream cone manufacturing machine is very user-friendly, simple operation, easy maintenance, and long service life.

Common classification of ice cream cones

Common ice cream cones on the market are flat-top ice cream cones and ball-top ice cream cones. Would it be tempting to garnish attractive nuts and chocolate with swirls on top of a delicious cone? We have the ice cream cone production line you need.

various ice cream cones
various ice cream cones

How do you make delicious and attractive dome cones for consumers and get a generous return? The answer is that we can install ice cream extrusion lines with jaws. Freeze the ice cream in a hardened tunnel to minus 18 degrees so that it can be dipped in chocolate, then turn it upside down with the claws and dip it in chocolate or similar desserts before packaging.

Why choose Taizy commercial ice cream cone machine?

  1. Taizy has nearly 10 years of experience in ice cream cone production, and has provided customers and ice cream factories from all over the world with high-quality and efficient ice cream cone processing equipment.
  2. Our machinery manufacturing strength has been well received by the industry, and has won the trust of many foreign customers, many customers have established long-term cooperative relations with us.

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