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How to make the batter used to process ice cream cones?

production process of the automatic sugar cone processing line

Whether we make ice cream cones at home or mass-produce ice cream cones in a factory using an ice cream cone machine, the first thing we need to do is to prepare the batter for baking ice cream cones. So, how to make a suitable batter to make a crispy ice cream cone?

Why is the batter mixing so important?

The batter used to make ice cream cones is not ordinary batter, nor is it a batter that simply mixes water and flour, but is made by adding different ingredients in a certain proportion to fully mix.

The quality of the batter will directly affect the taste of the ice cream cone, so the processing of the right batter is very important for making high-quality ice cream cones.

Ice cream cone batter recipe

Ice cream cones are baked from batter, and its quality directly affects the quality, taste and yield of the finished product. The batter used to make ice cream cones is made up of a variety of ingredients and water. The functions of the main ingredients are as follows:

sweet corn shape ice cream cones
sweet corn shape ice cream cones

1.Flour: It is the main component of the flour paste, and its quality is directly related to the quality of the ice cream cone. High-quality refined flour should be used as the raw material.

2. Starch: used to improve the quality of flour paste.

3. Vegetable oil: make the finished ice cream cone taste crispy and easy to demould.

4. Fermented powder: to promote the fermentation of flour paste and produce micropores. The ice cream cone made is more crunchy and delicious when eaten.

Different users can add some seasonings, such as sugar, milk, food coloring, etc., to increase the color, fragrance, and taste of the product according to the different flavors of different regions, to meet the taste requirements of different consumption levels and different regions.

Recommended ice cream batter formula

NameFormula 1Formula 2Formula 3Formula 4
Refined flour1000100010001000
Egg yellow pigmentA littleA littleA littleA little
Vegetable oil25253030
SugarA littleA littleA little

Note: unit: g