Ice Cream Cone Machine Sold to Germany

ice cream cone machine

Today we share a case of an ice cream cone machine sold to Germany. In the past, Taizy Machinery Factory’s egg cone machines were mainly sold to North America and Asia. Recently, it has increased a lot of orders from Europe. Let’s learn more about the successful case of a cone machine sold to Germany.

ice cream cone machine
ice cream cone machine

What Does the German Customer Want?

The German customer is a freelancer. Her friend works in a milk tea store. The friend tells her that ice cream is a hot commodity, and the ice cream at their milk tea store is pretty hot. The German customer decides to buy an ice cream cone machine equipment to produce cones to supply various milk tea stores and dessert stores.

What Problems Do We Solve for the German Customer?

German customers are more familiar with the staff of the milk tea store and the owner of the dessert store, and there is no problem in supplying large quantities for a long period. Our manager estimated her daily demand for cones and recommended an ice cream cone machine with an output of 3,500 cones per hour.

Considering the different egg cone shapes required by milk tea stores and dessert stores, we provided the German customer with a flower bowl shaping machine and an egg roll machine, and customized the branding on the machine for her, so that each egg cone produced has a brand embossing.

Why Does the German Customer Choose Us?

The German customer did a lot of market analysis before purchasing the egg cone Machine and finally settled on the Taizy Machinery Factory. The reason is that she learned on the internet that every food machine from Taizy Machinery Factory has an EU certificate, and the food machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel and have been inspected many times before leaving the factory.

At the request of the German customer, we made a bag of ice cream cones according to her recipe and mailed it to her. The German customer was delighted after receiving the cone and decided to buy our ice cream cone machine immediately.

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