Ice cream cone making machine shipped to the United States Successfully

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Congratulations! Taizy Group shipped an ice cream cone making machine to the United States. The customer in the US has his own food business, he will make the ice cream cones with our machine.

Cooperation of ice cream cone making machine customer in the USA

The customer in the USA running a snack business, and his snack includes ice creams of various flavors. The ice creams in his shop are very popular in the local market. After several years of development, he wanted to invest in an ice cream cone making machine to produce cones by himself. Then he can reduce the cost of buying ice cream cones from other producers.

The ice cream cone machine from Taizy Machinery can help our customers from the USA produce ice cream cones of good quality. Moreover, there are various shapes and flavors can be made. Wafer cup cones are usually softer and less likely to break, making them very sweet and tasty to eat. Crunchy cones will have a crisper and harder texture. The cones will taste better with some seasoning, they can be made into chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and other flavors.

Information of ice cream cone machine sent to the USA

The following table shows the basic data of the semi-automatic ice cream cone machine, if you are interested in the machine, welcome to consult us or leave your messages on our website. We will introduce the cone ice cream machine price and other details as soon as possible.

Raoster number24cones/time
Raoster time1-2mins
Machine size1050*880*900mm

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