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Small wafer cone making machine exported to Slovakia

The wafer cone machine can mass produce sweet and delicious ice cream cones. A customer from Slovakia ordered a small wafer cone making machine with an output of 350pcs/h from our Taizy factory. The ice cream cone machine purchased by this Ethiopian customer is a 12-mold wafer cone machine, and the heating method is electric heating.

Small wafer cone making machine details

This machine is the supporting equipment of ice cream machine, mainly used for manufacturing ice cream container. The raw materials for making wafer ice cream cones are flour, eggs, sugar as the main ingredients, with appropriate seasonings, add water and stir to form a batter, add it into the mold cavity in a certain amount, and heat it to puff to make edible and beautiful wafer cones.

small wafer cone machine shipped to Ethiopia
small wafer cone machine shipped to Slovakia

Compared with large ice cream cone machines, small wafer ice cream cone making machines are more popular with consumers. Why? We summarize the following reasons.

The first is that the small wafer cones making machine is cheap and the investment cost is relatively low. Low-priced equipment can often make more customers affordable.

Secondly, the output of small wafer ice cream cone machines is usually not high, and it is often more suitable for all kinds of small restaurants, cold drinks shops, snack shops, and fast-food restaurants.

Finally, small commercial ice cream cone machines are small in size, usually do not take up more area, and are simple to operate, and low energy consumption. Therefore, it is more suitable for small and medium investors.

ice creams with wafer cones
ice creams with wafer cones

Order of Slovakia wafer cone making machine

This Slovakia customer learned about our ice cream cone machine by browsing our YouTube channel. He was very interested in the production method of wafer cones in the video, so he took the initiative to contact us. We showed him our machine album and website so that he can choose the model he likes.

In the end, he chose a 12-die wafer cone making machine according to his actual needs, with an output ranging from 300pcs/h to 350pcs/h. The heating method of this machine is electric heating.

The Slovakia customer stated that he has a medium-sized restaurant. In order to enhance the customer’s consumption experience, he intends to provide free ice cream to everyone who goes to the restaurant to eat. So he bought an ice cream machine and this wafer cone machine.

Small wafer cone making machine exported to Slovakia
Small wafer cone making machine exported to Slovakia