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500pcs/h Wafer Cone Making Machine Shipped To Turkey

wafer cone making machine

Ice cream has always been one of everyone’s favorite desserts, especially in the hot summer. Recently, our wafer cone making machine was sold to a new ice cream chain store in Turkey. We are pleased to share the details of this collaboration with you.

Why does customer need a wafer cone making machine?

As summer approaches in Turkey, local consumers’ demand for ice cream continues to grow, bringing more orders to this store. Therefore, customers urgently need to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality and taste consistency to meet growing customer demands.

So he saw the introductory video we produced during market research and was attracted by the wafer cone making machine’s ease of operation and efficiency.

The perfect ice cream cone machine solution

After communication and understanding between the sales manager and the customer, the 500pcs/h wafer cone making machine is most suitable for the size of the Turkish customer.

It has an efficient production capacity of 500 cones per hour, which means that even during peak hours, it can quickly provide customers with freshly baked crispy cones, which can greatly shorten the waiting time and improve customer satisfaction.

Ease of operation was also a key factor in choosing this machine. Considering that most of the store’s employees had no experience in operating complex machinery, he needed a device that was easy to use. Employees can master this cone machine proficiently in a short time, effectively reducing training costs and time.

Considering the limited store space, the compact design of this ice cream cone machine is a plus, saving customers valuable rental costs.

High praise from Turkish customer

The wafer cone making machine met customer order demands with its efficient production capacity, and in just a few months, Turkish customers saw significant cost savings and sales increases, proving the wisdom of the investment.

Welcome to consult more details

If you also want to do an ice cream business or want to run a small ice cream shop, you can contact us to inquire about the details of the machine. We provide 24-hour uninterrupted consulting services, and our professional sales managers and technical team will ensure the stable operation of the machine.

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