Wafer cup making machine is selling well in Indonesia

wafer cups making in Indonesia plant

In recent years, the wafer cup making machine manufactured by our Taizy factory is very popular in Indonesia. Many Indonesian customers buy the commercial wafer cone machine to produce ice cream cones of various shapes, and then fill them with delicious ice cream for sale, thus obtaining a lot of profits.

How about the wafer cup making machine in the Taizy factory?

There are many machines for making wafer cups on the market, but their models are very single, the output is small, and the operation method is relatively complicated.

After nearly 10 years of research and innovation, our Taizy factory has successively introduced as many as 10 types of wafer cup making machines to the market.

wafer cup making machine for sale
wafer cup making machine for sale

Our series of wafer cone processing machines have compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation and maintenance, and high production efficiency.

They can basically meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, many customers at home and abroad have bought our wafer cup making machines.

Why is the wafer cup making machine selling good in Indonesia?

On the hot summer day, eating delicious ice cream on the street is a great thing. The sweet ice cream with crispy waffle cones is really refreshing.

Of course, this is also very common in Indonesia, which is located in the tropics, and Indonesia’s ice cream sales are very large every year, which also drives the development of the ice cream cone processing business.

wafer cake cone applications
wafer cake cone applications

In addition, the semi-automatic wafer cup making machine is very popular among small and medium investors due to its small size, simple operation, and favorable price.

Many individual businesses, small ice cream processing factories, and even fast-food restaurants and restaurants can purchase the ice cream cone machine for independent production, with low investment costs.

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