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Wafer Ice Cream Cone Machine Sold to Australia

wafer ice cream cone machine

As the overseas market expands, Taizy Machinery Factory is pleased to share the success story of its wafer ice cream cone machine sold to Australia. Let’s take a look at the details of this cooperation.

Pursuing a Broader Market

The Australian customer was a principal in an ice cream manufacturing plant. Previously, their factory mainly produced crunchy ice cream cones, which were mainly available in two shapes: bowl-shaped and vertebra-shaped. Consumers’ demands for ice cream flavors and shapes became more diverse, so the traditional crunchy ice cream could not meet their needs. The Australian customer decided to purchase a wafer ice cream cone machine, looking forward to making more shapes and flavors of ice cream.

How can the Australian Customer Contact Us?

Two weeks ago, our factory participated in the international food processing equipment exhibition in Sydney, where Australian customers learned about our ice cream processing equipment. Seeing our ice cream equipment on-site demonstration of ice cream cone production, a novel shape of the ice cream cone on display, Australian customers have a strong interest in our ice cream cone machine. After the exhibition, the Australian customers and our factory manager left their contact information with each other.

Why Does the Australian Customer Choose Us?

The Australian customer went back and started browsing our website to get a general idea of the major developments that have taken place at Taizy Machine Factory over the years. The Australian customer couldn’t believe how fast Taizy Machine Factory had grown. With a bit of skepticism, the Australian customer requested a video call to see the factory in action.

Our manager, together with the technician and the worker in charge of the machine, explained to the Australian customer the size of the factory and the future direction of development and showed him how several different types of wafer ice cream cone machines work. The Australian customer was very satisfied and after discussing and analyzing the Taizy ice cream cone machine with their technician, the Australian customer placed an order last week.