300pcs/h wafer cup cone machine shipped to Sri Lanka

commercial ice cream cone making machine

The cool ice cream with sweet wafer cup cones is our favorite food in summer. And there are many types of ice cream cones to choose from. Ice cream cone processing has now entered the stage of industrial production, and many ice cream processing plants will consider wafer cup cones processing business. Recently, our factory exported a wafer cup cone machine with an output of 300pcs/h to Sri Lanka.

Semi-automatic Wafer Cup Cone Machine | Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

semi-automatic wafer ice cream cone machine fro sale

The semi-automatic wafer cup cone machine, namely the small cake cone machine, is a kind of ice cream cone making machine specialized in making wafer cones. This wafer ice cream cone machine can make dozens of shapes of cones, and its operation method is very simple, the price is also very favorable so that it is very suitable for small and medium-sized ice cream factories to invest.

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