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What are common faults and solutions of ice cream cup machine?

wafer ice cream cup making machine

The ice cream wafer cup making machine (ice cream cone machine) is designed to make edible wafer cups for ice cream, as supporting equipment of the ice cream machine. The ice cream cone takes flour as the main material, mixed with appropriate condiments, added with water to stir into flour slurry. Then, it is quantitatively added into the mold, heated to become an edible and beautiful container. Ice cream cup maker machine is often applied in restaurants, coffee shops, bakery, beverage shop, and leisure food factory, etc. During the daily use of the ice cream waffle cone machine, what are the common faults and how to solve them? Here are the 7 problems commonly seen in actual operation and corresponding solutions.

7 Common faults and troubleshooting methods

No. FaultsPossible CausesSolutions
1The ice cup is incomplete1. The flour paste is too thick. 
2. The clamping speed of the upper die is slow. 
3. Less slurry.
1. Add water to adjust the consistency of the surface slurry. 
2. Speed up operation. 
3. Increase the feeding amount.
2Too much slurry spilled1. The surface slurry is too thin. 
2. The clamping speed of the upper die is too fast. 
3. Too much slurry.
1. Adjust the consistency of face paste. 
2. Slow down the operation. 
3. Adjust the feeding quantity.
3The ice cone sticks to the mold of ice cream wafer cup making machine1. Improper formulation of flour paste. 
2. Short baking time or low baking temperature, immature. 
3. The temperature difference between the upper and lower dies is unreasonable or burnt.
1. Check whether the ingredients are proper. 
2. Appropriately extend the baking time or increase the baking temperature. 
3. Readjust the mold temperature.
4The temperature is out of control1. The temperature sensing rod falls off. 
2. The temperature sensing rod is damaged. 
3. The temperature controller is damaged.
1. Insert in place and tighten. 
2. Replace the temperature sensing rod. 
3. Repair or replace the temperature controller.
5The temperature is not constant and gradually decreases1. Insufficient voltage. 
2. Insufficient power of electric heating tube. 
3. Loose air connection
1. Extend baking time. 
2. Wait until the voltage recovers. 
3. Check the temperature controller, contactor, and their connecting wires and fix them again.
6Partially undercooked1. The wiring of an electric heating pipe falls off. 
2. The electric heating pipe is damaged
1. Check whether the fuse, wire, and connector are burnt out or loose. 
2. Replace the electric heating pipe
7The failure of time reporting1. The limit switch is not pressed in place. 
2. The line is blocked. 
3. The time relay is damaged. 
4. The bell is damaged.
1. Adjust the position of the limit switch of the ice cream wafer cup making machine. 
2. Check the circuit and turn it on. 
3. Repair or replace the time delay. 
4. Repair or replace the bell.

Notably, when the parts of the ice cream wafer cup making machine are found to be damaged, it is advised to consult a professional technician to repair them, so as to avoid expanding the degree of damage and causing losses.