The origin of the ice cream cone making business

ice cream cone making business

Cold and delicious ice cream and other desserts have become an indispensable delicacy in modern society. With the increasing demand of people, the style of ice cream cones and the taste of ice cream are constantly changing, which drives the ice cream cones making business. So how did the ice cream cone business come about?

How did the ice cream cone appear?

In fact, every kind of cuisine is born by accident. Have you discovered it? The same is true of the birth of ice cream cones.

In 1904, in the Expo site in St. Louis, Mr. Ernest from Syria was selling a Middle Eastern dessert called Zalabia, while another Mr. Arnold was selling ice cream.

various ice cream cones made by ice cream cone machine
various ice cream cones made by ice cream cone machine

At first, he sold ice cream in ordinary cups and saucers, but by noon, all the cups and saucers were used up. When Mr. Arnold didn’t know how to deal with the business in the afternoon, Mr. Ernest rolled his crepes into cones and handed them to Arnold for ice cream.

Arnold used this wafer to roll his ice cream to sell, and Zalabia became an ice cream cone. Later, this edible ice cream cone became popular.

Today, in Damascus, Syria, the hometown of Ernest, people have always believed that it is the hometown of delicious ice cream cones. For a century, the smooth ice cream and the crispy cone have never been separated.

How are ice cream cones made today?

industrial ice cream cones making
industrial ice cream cones making

Nowadays, food culture has developed rapidly, and the types and production methods of ice cream cones have also undergone great changes. The common ice cream cones on the market are mainly divided into crisp cones and wafer cones.

The method of making ice cream cones is also divided into homemade cones at home and the use of ice cream cone making machines to process cones in factories.

Moreover, the ice cream cone making business that uses ice cream cone machines to process delicious cones is very popular in many countries, because this kind of business has low processing costs and high profits.

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