300pcs/h wafer cup cone machine shipped to Sri Lanka

commercial ice cream cone making machine

The cool ice cream with sweet wafer cup cones is our favorite food in summer. And there are many types of ice cream cones to choose from. Ice cream cone processing has now entered the stage of industrial production, and many ice cream processing plants will consider wafer cup cones processing business. Recently, our factory exported a wafer cup cone machine with an output of 300pcs/h to Sri Lanka.

The origin of the ice cream cone making business

ice cream cone making business

Cold and delicious ice cream and other desserts have become an indispensable delicacy in modern society. With the increasing demand of people, the style of ice cream cones and the taste of ice cream are constantly changing, which drives the ice cream cones making business. So how did the ice cream cone business come about?

Semi-automatic Ice Cream Cone Machine | Crisp Sugar Cone Machine

semi-automatic crisp ice cream cone making machine for sale

The crisp ice cream cone machine, also called crisp egg roll machine, which is a kind of cone processing machine commonly used in ice cream processing plants. This kind of semi-automatic ice cream cone making machine must be matched with a paster, mixer, cone forming machine, etc., to make crisp ice cream cones of various shapes and sizes.